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The Get Down

Creating "the badlands" environment

Early into the project Phosphene met with Baz Luhrmann and The Get Down’s production design team, to begin creating the 1970’s Bronx environment in which Shaolin Fantastic lives. Production were creating a practical set that would cover approximately the size of a football field, with the plan being for Phosphene to then augment the area around this in post.

The set contained a number of practical rubble piles. One of the important steps early in the project was for Visual Effects Supervisor Aaron Raff, to photograph these rubble piles in detail, these photographs were helpful elements that the CG team would use to extend rubble piles, and texture the surrounding environment.

Once reference photographs were taken, and the badlands geography mapped out, CG Supervisor Vance Miller, and his 3D team began building the CG environment asset in 3dsMax. Shots set in the badlands location were to range in complexity, from augmenting small distant area’s of the background of the frame, to full, stylized CG environments that would demonstrate the vast scope of one of the key neighborhoods the The Get Down take place in.

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Screen shots of photogrammetry/CG

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